200 Reviews to Celebrate

4 12 2011

I’ve been away a very long time. Not because I’ve abandoned this blog or a certain lifestyle, but because VanillaVille became so very busy that I barely have any time to indulge in this world. And when I do, I’d rather spend it making memories rather than writing about them. I know lots of you are in the same boat.

For some time I’ve said that I aspire to review more often. It’s not for a lack of things to review, but time. What I’m really impressed with, though, is Lucid Obsession‘s milestone of 200 reviews! That is dedication. That is commitment. That is a lot of sex toys!

To celebrate, she’s doing a Mega Giveaway and offering 26 prizes from a ton of great sponsors. You should go on over there and enter. For my part, I’m really hoping to score one of these pleasure filled items:

I salute Lucid Obsession’s accomplishment and wish her many more happy endings 😉

Love LELO? Yes Siri!

3 05 2011

I’m a sucker for quality toys. And LELO is one of my favorite toy manufacturers. I love the form and function on their products. From the tops of their little silicone heads to the bottoms of their charging ports and all the bits in between, LELO has raised the bar for sex toys. I’m convinced that without their contribution to elegant packaging (Yay! No naked women and blister packs!) to their shapes and colors (see the imitators), there would not be such a flurry of body safe, rechargeable toys entering the market now.

My LELO toys currently includes: Gigi, Ella, Billy, Bo, Ina and Soraya (ridiculously overdue review is coming). But there’s one thing missing from my LELO collection that I’ve been wanting for some time: A clit vibrator. I’ve long been intrigued by the older models Nea and Lily, and the new Alia from their new waterproof Insignia is getting lots of attention these days.

But what about Siri? It was released last year in the same ABS plastic and silicone design as Mona and Ina and claims to have more power that it’s older sisters. I would so love to find out!

Now’s my chance to have one, and yours too. Eden Fantasys is giving away two LELO Siris in their weekly contest. Head over to Eden Café and enter to win before the contest closes this Sunday, May 8th, which happens to also be Mother’s Day. What a lovely gift that would be 😉

Actually, thinking of it, that’s probably an awkward Mother’s Day gift for most people. “Here Mom. I got you a clit vibrator for Mother’s Day. Enjoy!”


OK, forget the gift. Just keep it for yourself!

Don’t want to leave getting a LELO Siri to chance?

Use code E4X at checkout to receive 15% off your Eden Fantasys order.

Domina Doll’s Green Sex Toy Month

11 04 2011

There seems to be a trend here as my last post was about green sex toys and a contest. So, here we go again. Check out this great contest from Domina Doll, reposted here for your guilt-free, self-pleasuring participation.

April is Green Sex Toy Month!

Sex Toy Contest Give Away

30 Toys for 30 Days

April is Officially Green Sex Toy Month!

In celebration of Earth Day (April 9th, 2011), I am declaring April as “Green Sex Toy Month” in order to build awareness about body-safe and environmentally friendly adult products.  It has been my mission at PopMyCherryReview.com to educate consumers about the potential dangers of sex toy materials and chemicals in personal care products, as well as champion sustainable sex toys, manufacturing and recycling practices by ethical manufacturers and retailers.

Eco-friendly Sex Toy Contest Give Away

Last March and April I reviewed all “green” adult products and this year I am doing it again, but even better!  For the entire month of April, we will be reviewing green sex toys and natural body-safe products for adults as well as giving away 1 “green” sex toy (or adult sexuality product) EVERYDAY this month!  That’s right you read correctly.  That’s 1 sex toy you could win, everyday for the month of April, so 30 prize packages to win, for 30 days, to 30 lucky WINNERS. Amazing right!  It sure is, and this promotion would not be possible without my truly wonderful SPONSORS, each of whom is giving away products for review and as PRIZES for the GIVEAWAYS.  Not only that, but many of the SPONSORS are also giving my readers COUPONS for a % OFF while shopping at their stores.  So stayed tuned to the CONTESTS each day for further details.

First of all, I’d like to thank all my gracious SPONSORS and then you can read more about the CONTEST below.

CONTEST SPONSORS (in no particular order)

Crystal Delights PinkCherry Blossom Organics

Pleasure Galaxie


Good Clean Love

Big Teaze Toys  



Ophoria /Avelli Brands







RubyGlass 21 PopMyCherryReview Shop


To celebrate Green Sex Toy Month, we will also be giving away 1 Green Adult Product a Day for every day of the month of April (that’s 30 days!) to 30 lucky winners.  The products donated by my amazing SPONSORS above will include “green” eco-friendly sex toys, body-safe adult products and personal care products such as natural lubricants and sensuality products.  While you are encouraged to enter everyday and get extra entries (see below) only 1 prize will be given away to each winner. *Contest is only open to adults 18 years and older who are residents of the continental USA or Canada.  Unfortunately, we can’t accept contestants from Alabama because of their stupid NO sex toys law.

1.      There are going to be several ways you can enter each GIVEAWAY each DAY.  So, first I encourage you to ADD MY FEED for PMCR to you reader, so you will get the daily GIVEAWAY posts and remember to ENTER EACH CONTEST.

2.      If you have a BLOG you can post about Green Sex Toy Month and our Contest.  We encourage you to write posts about “green” and “body safe” adult sexuality products, and what you are doing to play a role to the “green” movement (sexually speaking or otherwise) to contribute to the cause.  You can also make a PLEDGE (below) which I will be compiling for “a Billion Acts of Green®”.  Then add a link to your blog post in the comments of this page and I will be posting a link list to your posts each week on Fridays.  This will also give you 1 extra entry for each contest you enter during the month.  So, if you enter all 30 giveaways, you will get 60 entries for doing just one blog post.  Excellent!


3.      Retweet the contest via twitter with the hashtag #GreenSexToyMonth and my twitter name @DominaDoll anytime during the month long festivities.  You will get one extra entry for each tweet you tweet.  Please limit this to no more than 1 Tweet per day as we don’t want to overwhelm your followers.  The day you Tweet will give you an extra entry for that day’s giveaway. Hey, and don’t forget to add me to your twitter account!

4.      Like PopMyCherryReview.com on Facebook and receive 1 extra entry for each contest you enter during the month.  So, if you enter all 30 giveaways, you will get 60 entries for LIKING our blog on Facebook.  Super-fantastic!

5.      Follow the directions on each contest page GIVEAWAY as the contest guidelines will vary slightly and make sure to ENTER EVERY DAY.

So, let “Green Sex Toy Month” and the Contests begin!

Green With Envy for Epiphora’s Toys

1 03 2011

One of mMy favorite toy reviewers is holding an epic giveaway of green toys for St. Patrick’s day. Yes, she’s awesome. And yes, she has great taste in sex toys. She’s assembled a great selection with truly something for everyone. For myself, I am lusting after the Candy Stick from Papaya Toys and have been ever since I read Epiphora’s review of it back in August ’09. But, in the end *ahem* I’d love to win the Frosted Delight Plug 😉

So, hustle on over and check out Epiphora’s fabulous giveaway.

Cleaning with Bleach

17 11 2010

This post makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it. Or why lots of others haven’t thought of it either. But, finally, someone has answered the age old sex toy cleaning question: How to make and use 10% bleach solution.

Hats off to yo, Rockin’!


Congratulations Pleasurists!

4 11 2010

I’ve been a big fan of Pleasurists – the weekly round up of adult products and sex toy reviews – since it launched and am amazed that it is celebrating it’s 100th edition. When I am short on time, which I has been a lot lately, Pleasurists is on the top of my reading list to see what’s new.

Scarlet Lotus has done an expert job of corralling wild cats every week to provide a veritable compendium of opinion on the latest, but not always greatest, sex toys. I’m pleased to have had my reviews of Sinvention’s sinfully soft leather collar and cuffs and LELO INA featured as editors picks in the past. (You should go check them out.)

To celebrate their 100th edition, Pleasurists has wonderful selection of toys available to be won. You can win more than one thing, so, I’m entering to win a Crystal Delights Plug (Blue) from Virtually Adult because, lately, I am adoring plugs. I’m also entering to win a Fleshlight of my choice from PinkCherry because I’d like to give my man something new to try.

Now you should enter too. Here’s the scoop:


  • In order to count all entries must be made by November 17th @ 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Winners will be picked through random number generator which means it’s possible to win more than one item. The more ways you enter the better your chances are.
  • All winners must write a review of the product you win. Please do not let this stop you from entering, if you do not have a blog suitable for this I will happily host your review on my review blog.


Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

On to the products…



Anal Toys

Toys for Cocks

Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.


Adult Books/Games

Adult DVDs & Porn

Sex Furniture


Pleasurists adult product review round-up


29 10 2010

Last week, LELO announced that they were launching their new line of luxury waterproof “pleasure objects” called INSIGNIA. These products look so beautiful, they are luring me out of hiatus!

I am very fortunate to have been selected to review the new SORAYA dual action waterproof silicone vibrator. I received it today – it’s black and it is gorgeous. I won’t give any more details for now; I’ll save that for the actual review.

But first I have to solve a little challenge with the charger.

In the meantime, Have a look at these beauties and the press release announcement.


STOCKHOLM – OCTOBER 22, 2010: LELO, the world’s leading designer brand of intimate lifestyle products, proudly unveils INSIGNIA – its newest, most strikingly designed and expertly engineered line of Pleasure Objects to date. Also of note, this is LELO’s first line of completely waterproof products, which adds further versatility in enjoyment. INSIGNIA will be available to buy online and in retail stores worldwide from the end of October onwards


If you have any questions at all regarding these products please send an email to pr@lelo.com or call your nearest LELO office directly. To download a printable PDF of this Press Release please click here.

All of the new INSIGNIA Pleasure Objects feature graceful and sculptural curves, a “cut-out” handle, the LELO signature 3-button interface and a striking platinum-gold ABS core. Each piece offers LELO’s trademark functionality by delivering more varied pleasures with intelligent, intuitive electronic design.

Alia is a playful external massager whose gorgeous simplicity inspires a host of intimate possibilities. Isla is an elegant mid-size vibrator whose flowing silhouette is contoured to the internal female form. Soraya is the world’s most beautiful dual-action vibrator, offering multiple pleasures in a sleek and seductive package. Made from the smoothest body-safe silicone, Alia and Isla have six varying vibration patterns, while Soraya boasts eight distinct modes with independent motors in each of her pleasure points.

As the first completely waterproof LELO Pleasure Objects, the INSIGNIA line allows for heightened versatility and easy-cleaning, while the lockable interface ensures the most discreet transportation at all times. Each INSIGNIA product comes in two core colors – black and deep rose – while additional color options have been included for every design: Alia comes in pink, Isla in turquoise green and Soraya in cerise. As you would expect from LELO, the INSIGNIA Pleasure Objects arrive in an elegant gift box, including a country-specific charger, satin storage pouch, INSIGNIA brooch and full 1-year LELO warranty.

Alia: EUR 89 / USD 119 / GBP 74 / SEK 849 / RMB 780 / AUD 149
Isla: EUR 119 / USD 159 / GBP 99 / SEK 1099 / RMB 1080 / AUD 199
Soraya: EUR 159 / USD 199 / GBP 129 / SEK 1499 / RMB 1480 / AUD 269