Music To Fuck By: MTFB

31 01 2009

Music has a profound effect on our sex lives. I may not always have music playing while having sex, but I am often inspired by it to set a mood, a tone, an intensity.

A powerful aphrodisiac, music will change my state of mind with a few notes. It gives me a giddy excitement, evokes a mellow luxuriance, or makes me prowl the sheets for prey.

So, why is it that so few sex bloggers talk about music? I’m starting the series Music to Fuck By, to highlight songs that I feel have an irresistible sexual quality. They may not be to your taste, because, hey, we don’t all get turned on my the same things. But, maybe some of them will find their way on to your playlist the next time you are looking for a little inspiration.

His voice is full of yearning, betrayal, and sex. With a slide, an intimate sound, and a cool groove,  I can’t help but slowly move my hips and picture his hands running down my back. With a voice like that, I wouldn’t have left him so long.

Fink: “All Cried Out”

(Note: hosted sites don’t allow embedded Flash audio players. So, for now, I’ll have to link out to the song.)




One response

31 01 2009

Great song. Thanks for turning me on to new music. 😉

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