Persian Pleasures

11 02 2009

The night was a haze. I was bleary from several glasses of wine and days on end of too little sleep . His touch was welcome. I felt the stress of the last few weeks begin to melt away, my body relaxed, my mind diverted away from the mundane. Each piece of clothing was slowly stripped away and my skin caressed and stroked. My fantasy world came alive as synapses fired and my desire awoke.

Oh, to have him behind me, my face buried in silk Persian carpet, waiting in anticipation for his next pleasure.


HNT #3




7 responses

11 02 2009

Lovely… I really, really, want to spank that.

12 02 2009

This is one of my favorite views of the female form. You show it beautifully!

12 02 2009

This picture reminds me .. of… me! *grins* What a fabulous view. Perfect for sliding in a hard cock or spreading cheeks to welcome tongue.

16 02 2009

wow wow. Fantastic HNT. So lovely.

14 03 2009

You describe the moment beautifully.

9 04 2009

Oh.. dayam.. hot dayam.. I agree with coypink, what a lovely, intoxicating view >;-)

15 05 2009
Champagne and Benzedrine

Oh, I LOVE this shot. What a beautiful view – and what a beautiful angle. Anybody lucky enough to be seeing this sight is CLEARLY in for a treat!

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