Music To Fuck By: MTFB #3

29 03 2009

This epic piece of instrumental music is from the movie The Fountain (which I’ve never seen). It moves me in it’s complexity, intensity and passion. Every second of it’s 8:25 paints a vivid picture. Several times there are moments of silence, resuming to build to yet another crescendo. While listening to it, I was compelled to describe the emotions it triggered and the scene that it inspired in my mind’s eye.

A melancholy between us, a parting nostalgia. The burning sweet intensity of our want. The emptiness filled by your soft kiss touching my skin. My mood is brooding, your fingers swirling, teasing in intensity.  The once-familiar sensations of your lust are resuming, building slowly, our mouths moving, bodies swaying together in a game of come follow.

Slowing,  pausing to drink in the moment before your attentions resume. I’m slick again, my hunger builidng. Again, you trail off, leaving me wanting, needing you.

Teasing me with delicate touches, then moving in stronger, harder, pounding again and again. Your speed increasing, I’m panting, my heart is pounding, I’m in sensation overload, my synapses firing like a strobe.

And then you stop.

For a moment.

And discover me again, fingers deep, moving over me, through me, in me, like a locomotive.

You stop. Peer into  the precipice.

Push me over the edge, the heavens open, celestial skies rain down on us as I explode.

You leave me quivering, spent and breathless.

Empty once again.

Clint Mansell: “Death is the Road to Awe”

(Note: hosted sites don’t allow embedded Flash audio players. So, for now, I’ll have to link out to the song.)




2 responses

31 03 2009

such stunning words that move one.

31 03 2009

Thank you darling, Mina. This music moves me and it’s hard to do it justice when the picture it paints in my head is filled with rapid-fire images that are more feelings than words.

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