Powerful Submission

2 04 2009

This moment had been a long time coming. It had taken two weeks for my custom order to be created and shipped, two weeks before that deciding what I wanted, preceded by six months of BDSM exploration and many years spent not acknowledging what I had believed to be a side of me too dangerous to discover.

The plain brown box had arrived and I gingerly, nervously, excitedly removed it’s contents. I stared, agape at its beauty and power. A broad royal purple suede band encircled by a thick black leather strap, three D-rings and a gleaming lockable buckle. It was gorgeous.

This moment was mine alone. The decision was mine. The gift of submission, mine to give. The veto, mine. In this spirit, I collared myself.

Some may say that this is not true submission in the context of those who live the BDSM lifestyle. They’re right. But it’s my submission, and one gratefully accepted by my  husband who has no desire to dominate me outside of our sex life. And even then, our D/s roles are quite accommodating. If that makes us lightweights, then so be it. I won’t conform to someone else’s idea of what my relationship with my husband should be. That is for us to decide.

Make no mistake, I do love submitting to him. I give myself up completely, trusting him implicitly to push my boundaries in a way that I never feel in danger, yet still challenges me. We’re moving along this arc together, each learning. We are sharing our most intimate desires in a way that we’ve never done  before. It requires vulnerability to express those dark needs. And you’ve got to be brave to be truly vulnerable.

I put the collar on for the very first time, fingers trembling, suede soft against my skin. I pulled the strap snugly through the shiny buckle and slid the end into place. I paused for a moment to smell the delectable scent of new leather.  I could feel the blood coursing through my body, feel my heart pounding, feel myself becoming wet with the new sensation of constriction. My skin erupted in goosebumps and my nipples hardened as I fingered the D-rings and centered the collar on my neck. It was time to look in the mirror and face the decision I had made, to see the physical evidence of the new direction I was taking. We were taking together.

My gift of submission is powerful.


HNT #5

(Thanks to Madeline Glass and Fleshbot for Fleshbotting this post!)




14 responses

2 04 2009

Powerful, indeed. Wonderful background, wonderful picture. Let no one put down what works for you!!!

2 04 2009

I love your choice of collar, and I hope you enjoy the intensely intimate exploration ahead of you!


2 04 2009

The collar is gorgeous. I love it. It’s perfect! One I would pick for myself. Congratulations on embracing YOUR submission. It is a gift. Have fun discovering new intimacies.

2 04 2009

Absolutely gorgeous picture. You stand proud and beautiful!

2 04 2009

Perfect pic for a perfect story. I think we’re following similar paths, you and I.

This is my favourite HNT yet.

2 04 2009

Ang – thanks for the affirmation. When you’re new, it’s not always easy to buck convention. Well, the convention of BDSM. (Now my mind is thinking about going to a BDSM convention. Uh oh…my train of thought is quickly running off the rails.)

Sylvanus & Mina – Just wait until you see the proper photos of the collar (and, I didn’t mention the matching cuffs!). I’ll be featuring those in a review very soon.

I’m learning so much about D/s from you two – about how what works for one couple, may, or may not, work for us. That has been incredibly helpful to our discovery. My thanks to you both for being so open and for encouraging me to define my own role.

Stacy – Thank you for your comment 🙂 I hope you come by again.

2 04 2009

Frisky – Aww, thank you! You are a sweetheart 😉 We are most definitely following similar paths. And I always love your beautiful HNTs too.

2 04 2009

I am honored that you are learning a lot from us. That’s what’s so exciting about reading other people’s blogs and their real life experiences. You can pick up new things to try or know what your options are. The main thing is to tailor to what suits your relationship. There’s no wrong way of doing it.

2 04 2009

that is beautiful. And no, no one has the right to judge the form BDSM has teken for you and your husband. I am impressed and envious that you two can have that in your relationship.

and the collar is gorgeous

4 04 2009

I consider my wife and I “lightweights” as well. A you know and as you state, there’s nothing wrong with that. Have big sexy fun. I do enjoy your blog so much.

4 04 2009
Raven Quince

Kyle – I am very lucky, indeed, to have a mate who is thrilled to be taking this journey together. It is great to see you here!

Mr. 13 – If you and your wife are lightweights, then I’m in good company! What can I say? I’m just not into pain…though, I do love a good spanking 😉 I’m so glad that you enjoy my blog.

11 04 2009


26 04 2009
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6 05 2009

Thanks to Madeline Glass for Fleshbotting this post!

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