27 05 2009

It took me a while to ask to be spanked, and I instantly loved it. Not being a pain slut, I wasn’t quite sure where this yearning came from, but in the spirit of experimentation, I went with it. The first spanking had me writhing with pleasure. Since then, his technique has improved along with my pain tolerance.

Now, his spankings are a thing to be savored. I love the feel of his bare hand coming down on my ass with a whack! and the smooth caresses that he interjects. His game is to keep me guessing, varying intensities and occasionally faking me out, to catch me off guard. The sting and heat he imparts makes me want to give myself over completely, trembling and wet, begging for his touch.


HNT #7

Thanks to Diva for selecting this HNT as part of Friday Foto Fiesta on The Best Sex Bloggers.




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28 05 2009

Such a sexy post. We’re slowly experimenting more and more with spankings here so it’s extra nice to read this post.


28 05 2009

I’m enjoying the bruise HNT’s I’m seeing lately and this is a very nice one. Keep experimenting

28 05 2009

bare handed spankings are my FAVE! I love the sting and the feel of his hand on my ass. I love the heat. And when I am over his knee he likes to molest me with his fingers.

28 05 2009
Raven Quince

Mina – That sounds delectable. Yes, that is a winning combination here too 😉
txvisionary – Welcome and thanks for stopping by with a comment.
Mr. 13 – Always nice to see you here. Spankings FTW!

29 05 2009
The Best Sex Bloggers » Friday Foto Fiesta

[…] Spanked! […]

29 05 2009

What a delicious wee butt. What a charing wee mark. Wee!

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