Mail Call!

21 08 2009

Guess what I found in my mailbox today? Oh, yeah baby! Two of the prizes I won from the contest that Mina and Sylvanus ran on their blog, At Longing’s End.

GIGI-longings-endIn honor of their 500th post, the contest ran a bit like a treasure hunt: they asked 25 questions and the answers could be found in their blog. I worked HARD for this contest, spending hours and hours of ridiculous searching to try to figure out the answer to question #6: What Disney movie did Mina refer to when we joined Twitter?

Y’know, I’m really not a Disney girl. I searched their blog, found the post where they announced they joined Twitter, but just could not get the Disney reference. After fruitless searching on the blog, Google and Wikipedia, I finally called in the help of a Disney-loving vanilla friend and we figured out that the answer was Bambi for the obscure term “twitterpated”. The movie that I haven’t seen since I was 4 years old because it terrified me came back to haunt me with hours of hair pulling (and not in the good way) grief! But the end results were good, because with the luck of a tie-breaking coin toss, I won the contest.

Thanks to the generous support of their sponsors, I am now the proud owner of two things that have long been on my wish list. The fabulous new turqoise blue LELO GIGI came via Shaye (a.k.a. @MR_LELO). I am so thrilled to have a GIGI in my hot little….hands. It is my first LELO product and now I see why everyone is raving about it. I haven’t even given it a proper test drive yet and already I’ve been invited to a “Gigi orgasm-off” and had my hand go numb for a short time after running it in my palm. Wow, this thing clearly attracts fun! I will do a full review after I’ve had time to acquaint myself with it. *ahem*

Strict Leather Paddle

The second item in my mailbox today was a leather paddle by Strict Leather from @MaliaWilliams at Extreme Restraints. Oh, how this thrills me! I can’t wait to try this out when I’m in the mood for a good spanking. I do admit that I am a little intimidated by this paddle with it’s solid core and flexible leather body. My, but it makes a loud THWACK! Again, details will follow when I’ve had a good working over with this.

I’m waiting for the last item from my prize package to arrive from Freddy and Eddy which will bestow upon me some Sliquid Lubes. I’m excited to try them and I promise to write this part of the prize pack up properly once it arrives. In the meantime, I’ll try to be patient in checking my mailbox, because I’m sure that the delay has nothing to do with surfing, camping or Burning Man. Yup, it couldn’t be those things. šŸ˜‰




3 responses

21 08 2009

I am so glad you are enjoying your new toys so far. It was a pleasure announcing you as the winner. You did work very hard at the contest. Congrats!

21 08 2009

Thanks Mina – I *did* work hard!

26 08 2009
Malia Williams

I’m so glad you got the paddle and that you like it! Can’t wait to hear how it comes out!

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