Green Sex Gets Mainstream Attention

20 10 2009

I was poking around Twitter this morning and saw Ethan Imboden (@Imboden), the founder of Jimmyjane, mentioned that they’d received a shout-out in the October 26th issue of Time magazine.

The article entitled Sex and the Eco-City: Getting It On Is Getting Greener mentions Jimmyjane and other sex toy companies that have green offerings. And it highlights the Catholic Church’s efforts to re-package Natural Family Planning (a.k.a. the rhythm method) and market it as “green” and “organic.”

“At a time when Americans are just getting used to prime-time ads for Trojan and K-Y, eco-consumers are learning that most of the personal lubricants in the U.S.–drugstores sold $82 million worth of them last year–contain chemicals found in oven cleaner and antifreeze,” reports author Kathleen Kingsbury.

Give it a read if the topic’s of interest.




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