Erotic Touch Brings Electronic Tattoos to Life

29 11 2009

I love tattoos. I got my first tattoo long before they became fashionable. back when it was rare for women to have them and they were still the marking of a bad ass punk. I wore it proudly.

A lover from long ago had multiple tattoos and I always loved running my fingertips over them, tracing their lines, asking their stories, seeing how their colors changed when wet.

Tonight I saw something that BLEW MY MIND. (hat tip @keyholesessions)

Electronic tattoos, right out of the future, under development by megacorp Philips at the University of Pennsylvania. These are silicon and silk implantable devices that sit under the skin and are already being tested on mice. Eventually the silk dissolves away into the body leaving only the electronics in place. Picture a tattoo that is made of LEDs the size of a grain of rice.

In one concept being explored, the electronics will take their energy from touch and the patterns navigated by desire. When you draw your hands over a body, the tattooed image appears on the skin trailing after your touch. The pattern moves and shifts and intensifies as skin responds to touch.

To see a video demonstrating the concept, check out this post. (Try to ignore the rather disturbing imposed sound effect of crackling and sizzling as the tattoo surfaces.)

Imagine how it would encourage erotic touch. You would see a play of design surfacing after your fingertips, revealing itself an inch at a time, like a secret message being decoded, revealing the mystery of your partner’s skin.

What patterns would you display? Would they be placed to lead your lover’s touch to your most sensitive areas, like a treasure map? Would they tell a story of love, lust or betrayal?

On one hand I find the concept quite frightening, in a dystopian Blade Runner kind of way. On the other, I would love to run my hands over my lover’s body to have it reveal its code to me as our lust increased. That would be incredibly sexy.

What do you think?




2 responses

4 12 2009
Fantasia Lillith

OH now that would be a story!

11 12 2009

I really enjoyed reading this post, keep on writing such interesting posts!

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