Review: Hop to it INA!

6 02 2010

LELO INAI have always been slightly skeptical of the garish look and hefty appearance of the vibrator that Sex In The City brought to the mainstream and remained a rabbit virgin. But, if there is one company that could make me lust after a rabbit-type vibe, it’s LELO. This manufacturer of “pleasure objects” has come to be known for their quality materials, luxurious feel, and unique design. I was babbling incoherently thrilled when they selected me to receive one of their two new products to review – the dual-action INA.

Turn Ons:
There are two motors – one in the shaft and one in the clitoral nub – that are strong, deep and work together beautifully. INA is on the express train to becoming my favorite toy based on speed to climax alone.

Turn Offs:
INA is not made for thrusting and does not have much length. INA’s buttons, though different from other LELO products, are still much too easy to change by accident in mid-session.  The silicone separated from the plastic handle quite easily.

The O Factor:
Yes! Yes! Yes! Do it again! Mmmmmm! Wow. Thank you, baby.

INA has given me insta-orgasms. On my first try, despite not knowing how to work the controller and accidentally attempting to insert both parts of it into me, I fumbled my way to a gushing orgasm in just a few quick minutes. The second trial included my husband’s cock and a butt plug – I came strongly and in no time flat. INA my new best friend.

Size Matters:
Insertable length = 3 ½”
Total length = 7 ¾”
Diameter = 1 3/8”
Circumference = 4 ½”

The Ins and Outs:
The insertable shaft and clit stimulator parts of my INA are covered in gorgeous silky feeling orange silicone. (INA is also available in purple and lime green.) The shaft is not flexible and is quite unyielding, but it has a nice girth that gives me a full feeling with an upward curve to tickle my g-spot. If you’re looking for length, or if your g-spot is higher than average, the INA may fall short. It has the same insertable length as the GIGI – 3 ½” – though its circumference is ½” thicker.

The clitoral stimulator measures 7/8” in diameter and 2” long. It is flexible from its base allowing it to lift up and away to rest against your clit while the main shaft is inserted.  But, that doesn’t mean it works for all anatomies and it may miss its mark for some women.

INA takes a little fiddling with to get inserted. I need to lift up the clit part to get the shaft in. On my first solo mission, I wasn’t actually watching what I was doing and made the mistake of not manually lifting the clit nub. I just about got both parts inserted before realizing that the toy shouldn’t feel THAT big.

Because the clit stimulator is flexible, but not totally malleable (which is a good thing if you like pressure), thrusting with the INA is not really possible. I managed some shallow motion, but could never build up speed or depth without uncomfortably jamming the top appendage into my clit. If you need to thrust to achieve a g-spot orgasm, you would be better off with another toy (perhaps LELO’s new MONA, which is like INA without the clit stimulator.)

However, once you get everything in and positioned just so, the shaft was bulbous enough to stay in place for me while the vibrations did all the work (until my orgasm pushed it out). Adding a little rocking and twisting motion somewhat makes up for lack of thrusting. Now, speaking of vibrations, this is where INA shines.

Power Exchange:
There are two strong motors in INA – one in the shaft, one in the clit nub – that provide, deep rumbling vibrations when inserted. INA is quite quiet when pushed up against or into you. However, just held aloft, the clit vibrator is quite rattle-y and loud.

The buttons have chLELO INAanged from the circle layout of other LELO models: there are up/down arrows to change modes and +/- buttons to control strength. For me, though, it is still too easy to accidentally change modes or strength while in use. There is almost nothing worse than getting your groove on and having a slip of a finger change your experience abruptly.

“Oops! Damn, I moved my hand. Did I push the Up or Down button? No, not that one. What about this? OK, but why isn’t it as strong as before. I managed to change the intensity too?!? + + + + OK…now, where was I? Right. Getting off. Mental note: don’t shift your hand over the buttons when moving the vibe around. Mmmmm. Oh, damn….”

This was one of my complaints when I got GIGI. The placement of the buttons and the fact that there really isn’t anywhere else to hold the vibe just makes it a bit hair-trigger for me. I really wish that LELO would allow you to lock in a setting in the ON position. However, you can lock it in the OFF position for traveling by pressing all four buttons simultaneously.

Vibration type:
Ranges from deep and rumbly to buzzy at times. I did not get numb.

Strength intensity:
From barely there to strong (and thankfully the annoying motor whine that is present in GIGI on the low settings is not present in INA.)

Bonus feature:
The shaft vibrations have the ability to climb in what feels like frequency, yet at a constant strength level. Remember your musical scales? Do – Re – Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti – Do? Do you hear the notes in your head? You don’t need to sing louder as you go, but the tone changes in frequency. The vibrations in the shaft can feel like they’re climbing scales without getting stronger or weaker.

There are 8 different pattern modes:

  1. steady shaft & clit nub
  2. steady shaft
  3. steady clit nub
  4. single quick 1-second pulse alternating between the two motors
  5. synchronized 1-second single pulse in both motors at same time
  6. 2 second rolling pattern: shaft pulses 5 times in quick succession, like climbing a musical scale: do-re-mi-fa-so; then finishes with a 1 second sustained low buzz in the clit nub
  7. 2 second rolling pattern: long low buzz on clit nub switching to a the shaft in a rolling pattern
  8. random pulses of varying frequencies from both motors; it’s like modern jazz in your hooch

Numbers 6 and 7 were definitely my favorites.

Like all LELO toys, INA is rechargeable. Simply lift the silicone tab on the bottom of the handle and connect the charger into a power outlet. Two hours of charging will give you four hours of use. The lights under the buttons pulse when charging and go steady when fully charged.

If you have other LELO toys be careful; their chargers are not necessarily interchangeable. I have three LELO products: the GIGI and BO’s chargers are identical with a 5.0V output. INA’s charger has a 6.0V output. If I charged GIGI or BO with INA’s charger, I could do some damage to the toys’ motors. It would be great if all models used the same voltage so that I could just leave one dedicated LELO charger plugged in. If LELO had one standard charger, they could offer repeat customers savings to ship without a charger. That’s a good thing from an eco standpoint too.

Care and Feeding:
The shaft and clit stimulator are covered in smooth medical-grade silicone and the handle is made of  body-safe PC-ABS (polycarbonate ABS ) and PP (polypropylene), a.k.a. plastic. Clean INA with an antibacterial soap or 10% bleach solution, being careful to not get water in the buttons and charging port as they are not watertight. Just wipe the handle down using a damp  cloth. If you do manage to get water in the charging port, let the toy to dry fully before turning it on.

Only use water-based lubes as silicone lubes react badly with silicone toys, making them tacky to the touch.

LELO offers a 1-year warranty on workmanship or materials. Their 10-year quality guarantee, gives you a 50% discount on your next purchase from their web shop, after the first year warranty expires.

While cleaning INA and pulling on the flexible clit part, I moved the arm sideways and the orange silicone buckled and pulled away from the plastic handle. I don’t know if the seal became loose at the time of cleaning, during use from the part bending against me, or if it’s supposed to be a loose fit to accommodate the flexibility of the material.

I was able to easily pop the edge of the silicone back into place, but I found that the entire silicone covering had shifted a little, leaving a not-quite-gapless joint. I gently slid my hand down the shaft and just that was enough to pull the length of silicone more securely into the handle.

Being a squirter, it makes me a bit uncomfortable that there was no seal between these two parts. I feel that I need to be extra cautious to make sure no moisture gets under the edge of the silicone lest it comes in contact with the clit nub motor. So be aware that you should go easy on bending or tugging the clit arm sideways too much.

(I’ve forwarded the description of the issue to LELO for them to determine if this is a faulty unit, a design flaw, or if it’s supposed to be that yielding. My email is being sent to their engineers for feedback. I’ll post a follow-up when I get an answer.) (Follow up post is here.)

Pack it Out:
I don’t quite understand why other reviewers wax poetically about the fabulous packaging that some toys have. Sure, I can appreciate good package design, but perhaps I’m just a tad pragmatic in my approach. Personally, I don’t like storing my toys in the boxes they came in because they take up too much room (and shout at visitors, “Hey, look over here and ask what I am!”) and boxes are not always easy to get into while in the throes of pleasure.

But, for the benefit of those wanting a description: LELO is known for luxurious packaging. New to the INA is a black and white lined satin drawstring bag that I DO use. LELO’s signature black gift box is made of thick cardboard and comes encased in a thinner white display box that features a photo of the toy in the color that it contains. One of the reasons that people kept the black box was the recessed form that cradled the toy, echoing its shape. With INA, this inner form is gone, replaced with a clear plastic clam shell surrounded by black card.

LELO INAAt first I thought the clam shell was supposed to be for hanging, because it had a loop. I thought that it was a silly move for LELO to make, as the clam shell display pack sits inside two other boxes and stores weren’t likely to display it this way. Also, the luxury price point doesn’t say “hanging clam shell” to me.

Comparing it to the recessed cradle of GIGI, my husband came up with the answer. It’s so that customers can actually take INA out of it’s black box to feel its heft and experience the shape before they make the considerable purchase. The loop on the shell is for easier extraction from the box, not hanging. Looking at the GIGI box, it would be impossible in the store to get a clear idea of weight or the feeling of it in your hand. So, from a customer experience perspective, the change in packaging is a good thing. But, if you were hoping to use your black box for storage once you got it home, it’s just not as functional as other LELO boxes might be.

Last Word:
Admittedly, it’s pricey. You could get three mid-priced vibrators for the cost of one INA. But despite my issue with the silicone coming loose, LELO’s reputation for quality, it’s warranty, the materials used and the fact that it’s rechargeable, are all great reasons to get one. Ultimately, though, it’s the performance of the motors combined with some amazing stimulation modes that gave me brain-melting orgasms. If INA fits your anatomy, and you don’t need thrusting to achieve an orgasm, then this latest LELO creation might just become your new BFF.

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are my own and are honest. They are offered without influence from the supplier. This review may contain affiliate links where I may earn commission based on click throughs and/or sales.

product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone

LELO INA is my first review for Eden Fantasys.




14 responses

8 02 2010

Great review! I really appreciate the picture of where it came apart. I squirt a lot too, so it is an important concern to have.

I also don’t understand the obsession with pretty packaging, because I always take my toys out of their boxes and store them elsewhere.

I’m really torn on this toy. I’ve seen both good and bad reviews. I will probably have to try it before my curiosity kills me.

8 02 2010
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8 02 2010
Amorous Rocker

I admit, I don’t get the packaging thing either. Sure it’s cool to get something in a nice, well presented box. I never store the toys in the boxes they come in because it takes up too much room. I bet you could take a few bucks off the price tag with some less fancy packaging. I get the aesthetic appeal of something in a pretty package but hell, it’s what’s inside the box that I want. I don’t care much if it comes in a snazzy box or not to be honest.

This is such a fabulous review! I can’t think of one single thing to ask you because you covered everything as far as I can tell, lol. I’m curious about this toy but it’s so far out of my price range I don’t need to worry about it right now, heh.

Oh! Almost forgot! Love all the pics. The bunny suit is too freaking cute.

8 02 2010
Raven Quince

Thank you both for stopping by and leaving comments. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t really care about packaging. Though, I admit that I’m less inclined to buy something with a fake-breasted bikini-clad woman on the front. Perhaps it’s because I don’t feel the manufacturer is targeting the product at me, but at a 22 year-old-guy.

11 02 2010

The packaging is part of Lelo being a high-end luxury brand, like the pink and black Agent Provocateur boxes – it’s all part of matching the effort they put into designing the product. Plus it means you can charge more 😀 I don’t mind though, it makes the products feel like such a treat.

11 02 2010

Well, Jake, you have a point of course. Would I pay $155 for a rabbit-style vibrator if it only came in a plastic clam shell with a badly designed cardboard insert (possibly featuring an augmented, bikini-clad woman with an expression of painful ecstasy on her face)? Not bloody likely.

14 02 2010
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