Laughing Furry

11 02 2010

Try as I might, I never felt sexy as a furry bunny.

But, it was good for a laugh. 🙂

HNT #9

(See more furry bunny pictures in my LELO INA review.)


Play along with Half-Nekkid Thursday at Osbasso‘s and The Other HNT.




12 responses

11 02 2010
Amorous Rocker

Lol. I wouldn’t feel sexy either. You look cute. 😉 Happy HNT!

11 02 2010

with boobage sexy is a given!

11 02 2010

You may not feel sexy but the cleavage sure is

11 02 2010
His LongDistance Pet

Haha I have to agree with you and Amorous Rocker. Your tag “FunnySexy” is right on the money. But I have to say, your cleavage sure is sexy. HHNT!

11 02 2010
Secret Things

Maybe not sexy.. Certainly cuddly!

11 02 2010

Thanks all for your kind comments. I’m glad that some of you found it sexy. Me? I’m still giggling 😉

11 02 2010

The cleavage makes it sexy 😉

11 02 2010
Curvaceous Dee

Great pic – and one of my favourites this week! It’ll be in my Sunday roundup 🙂

xx Dee

12 02 2010

I loved your bunny picture from your review!
And I will have to agree – it’s the cleavage that makes it sexy. 🙂

13 02 2010

Vixen & Emmy – I used the only asset available at that moment. Thanks 🙂
Dee – I love your Sunday roundups! I’m happy that you liked it!

14 02 2010

Hahaha, I completely agree with the posts above. Boobage, cleavage makes it sexy. I wish I had a boob crack. They’re just too small.

Oh I want that bunny costume as well. I’m definitely jealous.

14 02 2010

Oh, the bunny costume only looks hot from the waist up. Despite a very cute puffy little tail, the cut of the costume would make the most gorgeous woman look 5′ wide. 🙂

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