For the Ladies Giveaway: Tantus Echo

23 03 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to spend time here on my blog and visiting my friends’ blogs too. Life in Vanillaville gets busy and poor Raven has to take a back seat (though she doesn’t do so happily, feisty bugger!) So, I’ve dusted myself off, marked the 2000 items in my Google Readers as “read”, poked my head into Twitter and some other networks to let people know I’m still around, and took a quick perusal through this week’s Pleasurists to see what was new on the toy front. Ah, the contests. How I do love  a good sex toy contest.

What I don’t love, however, is the SexToysForLadies site. It just does not work for me. It hangs. And hangs. And refuses to load. And sometimes partially loads. And then changes it’s mind and has a nice long nap until my browser announces that it’s timed out. I’ve tried on Firefox. I’ve tried on Chrome. I’ve tried on Safari. This site has been like this since I entered the first contest I saw from them a year ago. I’ve told the fine people there, and they can’t recreate the problem so, they can’t fix something that isn’t a problem for them. It’s painful and it’s frustrating. And it makes me loathe going to their site.

So, it is a testament to the quality of the prize that I should want to enter the For The Ladies Giveaway to win a Tantus Echo.

It’s beautiful. And I want one.

I want one in me. Over and over and over again. In all it’s shiny, ridgy, purple glory.

I want to do unspeakable things with it as it wrenches orgasm after orgasm from my body.

Maybe then, when I’m shuddering and limp from satisfaction, I’ll glance over at my computer to see that the site has finally loaded. That’s right – the power of the O may just be able to heal the internet.




3 responses

6 04 2010
Tantus Feeldoe Stout | Beer Festen

[…] For the Ladies Giveaway: Tantus Echo […]

13 04 2010

The twistys look pretty cool on that thing.

21 04 2010
Tantus Feeldoe Stout @ | Beer Festen

[…] For the Ladies Giveaway: Tantus Echo […]

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