I am ravenous.

I’ve always been adventurous with sex. I remember being a child and humping a giant Sylvester the cat plush toy. I didn’t know what I was feeling, but I knew I had a need. Poor Sylvester didn’t know what hit him.

Then there was the giant ball point pen. It was equipped with 24 colors, each one with a little sliding lever encircling the outside of the pen. I used to use it frequently to masterbate. It was, in essence, my first dildo, and by far, not the most comfortable to use. Still, I popped my own cherry with it, keeping that experience for myself alone.

A by-product of my upbringing, I struggled with my sexuality. My programming told me that it was OK to like sex, but not TOO much. I put a self-imposed muzzle on my ravenous desires, lest they get out of control and become my ruin.

Still, over the years, it didn’t stop me from fucking on a commuter train, giving head in a stairwell or being fucked from behind as I sprawled across the hood of my car at the side of a busy highway.

That brazen one was always with me, simmering in the background, bound more than unleashed.

On one hand, the power and sheer lust I found within, scared me. I thought if I opened the door too wide I might never be able to close it again, to disastrous consequences. But, on the other, I knew that this fire was dying, caged up and unattended.

It was time to change. And so, I’m letting the door open, slowly. I’ve been exploring opportunities as they come up and learning my new boundaries. I’ve made some mistakes. My husband, a highly sexual man, is thrilled and very supportive. He knew I was muzzling a part of myself, and now he’s reaping the rewards of his patience. Our sex life has never been hotter.

It’s been quite a ride.

I created this place to express my sexuality, as freely as I’m able and without judgment. It will be a mixture of true life experiences, sexual fantasy, photos, videos and other titillating things that I encounter.

You’re welcome to enjoy it.  But, I’m not doing this for you.

I am Raven Quince.


The meaning of Raven Quince

Mythology of the Raven


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