A Few Moments at the Office

28 09 2009

A few weeks back I told you about Wilhelmina Wang‘s first anniversary contest for her blog Heatbreak Nymphomania where the challenge was to write about a first. Although, I didn’t win (check out the great stories from Lola Batling, Purple Foxglove and Alice Coquelicot who did), I thought I’d post my entry here, just the same. Some firsts are worth revisiting.

A Few Moments at the Office

It was a day filled with sexual tension. The sparks between us didn’t have far to arc in the tiny room we shared as an office. Swiveling my chair around, he leaned forward and kissed me hard. The heat between us exploded and soon we were on our feet, chairs rolling haphazardly out of the way, bodies tight against each other, his hand down the front of my pants, probing. “Get those off, “ he said as he shoved my keyboard and mouse out of the way. He extended the small sliding shelf extensions on either side of my desktop, the ones meant to give a little more room to lie out papers, or place a telephone. I’d had the desk for six years and had never noticed it’s great potential for sex before.


He patted the desktop and I hopped up. Placing each foot on the extensions, my knees were up and legs spread wide.  Reaching behind me, he slid me forward so that my ass was teetering off the edge of the desk. Running two fingers up my slit, he slid them into my very wet pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, our tongues entwined, our lust intense, the pace of our breathing quick.

Letting his pants drop to the floor, his cock bobbed with his pulse as he put on a condom. The height of the desk was perfect as he entered me. With long slow strokes the angle of my pelvis was perfect to receive him, and I could feel his cock filling me up over and over again. I moaned my pleasure loudly and dug my fingers into his shoulder blades, his speed increasing. I could feel my orgasm coming quickly, my muscles tightening around his cock. Reaching down, he rubbed my clit and buried himself deep within me as he came hard. I screamed out as his touch pushed me over the edge of an intense orgasm. My whole body tightened and clenched him, hands clawing at his back, my head tucked down, teeth bearing down on his shoulder. And, in that moment, there was an unmistakable sound. A splash hit the wooden floor below me.

We froze like that for some moments, locked in each other’s bodies. I could feel my pussy dripping, the space between our bodies unusually slick. He pulled back and checked the condom. “What the fuck was that?” I asked incredulously. “It appears you’ve squirted.” I looked down and on the floor below was a puddle. “What? But, I don’t do that!” He looked at me with a smile and replied, “Well, apparently you DO.”


Sugasm #173

22 09 2009

HNT courtesy of Secrets of a Blue-Eyed Vixen.

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What Was Your First?

12 09 2009

Wilhelmina Wang is holding a one year anniversary contest over at her blog, Heartbreak Nymphomania. She wants you to send her a story of a first, as she explains:

To enter the contest, I want you to tell me a story about the first time you did something that made you smoulder with desire, or bubble with joy. Anything involving sex/sexuality/general hottness. Like:

– your first really good kiss
– fulfilling a sex fantasy
– finding a dress/cologne/packing cock/something that made you feel drop-dead gorgeous
– first time squirting…

She will post the entries on her blog for the community to vote on. And she’s assembled three amazing prizes with products from Tantus, LELO, Njoy, Intimate Organics, Kinklab and Tristan Taormino.

I’ve submitted my entry that on first appearance could be about the first time I had sex on my desk. But, I assure you, it’s much more than that. Hopefully it will be picked to enter the judging round and you can read about it for yourselves.

I encourage everyone to enter Wilhelmina’s contest. But do it right away! The deadline is today at 11:59 PST.


9 09 2009

My eyes fluttered open and I saw darkness. I could hear people talking on the sidewalk as they passed just 3 feet from the open window. My ears were ringing and a thin sheen of sweat covered my body. Slowly, I released my death grip on the sheets I’d clawed and grasped, having balled them up and squeezed them tight against my chest. I opened my jaw and turned my head, releasing the pillow from my teeth. It muffled my screams from passers-by as best as it could when I crested over an intense and long-lasting G-spot orgasm. Still breathing heavily, I felt his hand pull away from between my legs. My body twitched and shuddered as he withdrew the still-pulsing vibe. Rolling from my side to my back, I felt the cold leather paddle beneath me, the bed wet from my sex. My ass felt hot.

Stretching my arms above my head, I let my hands hang off the side of the bed, the metal snap connectors jangling and straining against the D-rings of the heavy leather cuffs. My breathing slowed and I let out a long, slow exhale while I stretched my legs up the wall and crossed my ankles. I felt his warm hand travel the length of my leg, across my hip and come to a rest on my right breast, kneading it and gently tugging at the nipple. I moaned and arched into his touch. He shifted and came in close to my ear whispering, “You’re such a good little fuck toy. But, it’s time you got back to work.” He pulled the blindfold up and over my head, leaving me squinting, as the mid-afternoon sun washed over our bed.

HNT-8 Glow

HNT #8

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Play along with Half-Nekkid Thursday at Osbasso‘s and The Other HNT.

A Salute to Masturbation May

31 05 2009

For a variety of reasons, I don’t get much time alone. The magical and elusive combination of time by myself AND an accommodating schedule means that I can get up to some serious “me” time. As May is Masturbation month, it deserved to be saluted with an all out solo-kink-fest. One fine afternoon a few weeks ago, I entertained myself with this:

Salute to M numbered

  1. Spreader bar with eye hooks at each end and one in the middle.
  2. Ankle cuffs. (They’re actually my wrist cuffs, but they’ll do ankle duty in a pinch.)
  3. Double-ended bolt snaps for attaching cuffs to spreader bar.
  4. Collar.
  5. Bamboo flat-backed back scratcher. Used like a crop, it produces a nice sting.
  6. Affectionately nicknamed Monster, it’s a “fleshlike” Doc Johnson dildo.
  7. Glass dildo with bumps that I love.
  8. Cockring.
  9. Bullet vibe for the cockring.
  10. Lube.
  11. Vibrating stainless innards that long-survived the jelly it was once attached to.
  12. Wooden clothespins (16) (not shown).

Looking at this photo and list, two things are apparent. I must have been incredibly horny to have brought out so many implements. And, I am in desperate need of some better quality toys (but that’s for another post).

It started with the thought that I would like to have my ankles restrained and attached to each end of the spreader bar while masturbating. I stripped down, put on my collar, attached the cuffs  to my ankles and then to the spreader bar. The feeling was so wonderful that before I even touched myself I was growing very moist.  With my knees far apart, the space between my legs was so obviously empty that I yearned to be filled.

I reached for the biggest toy I have to do the job. Nicknamed Monster, it is a rather girthy Doc Johnson dildo with balls and a suction cup. It’s made from some “fleshlike” substance that will likely rot my insides and make me glow radioactively. With the shaft barely hanging on to its balls and suction cup, this toy has seen better days. But when you’re in need, you’re in need.  I worked it into me and turned it so that the balls applied pressure to my clit while I was sitting. Rocking and grinding on it, ankles spread wide, my attentions turned to my breasts.

For some time I’d wanted to try clothespins on my breasts. This was the perfect opportunity to test my tolerances without risk to my pride if I aborted the attempt. I placed two on each areola, one on either side of my nipples, to very little discomfort. Intrigued, I continued until I had 4 clothespins in a row in lines on either side of my nipple on each breast, for a total of 16 clothespins. There was a stinging, gnawing discomfort, but nothing too painful at all. The sight and  feeling of my own handiwork while still rocking my hips over Monster, increased my  arousal. I was going to need more than old Doc Johnson could provide.

Loading the bullet vibe into the cockring and sliding it down the glass dildo, I was disappointed to discover that the battery was dead. No matter, I withdrew Monster and felt the cold hard texture of the glass easily entering me, the clit massager hit its target and felt great, even without vibration. This glass is a toy for repeated penetration allowing the friction of the bumps to massage and excite me as it grazes my G-spot. Lifting and tilting my hips from my seated position was a little challenging with my ankles held in place by the spreader bar, but I managed to get a good rhythm and was moaning loadly before long.

I decided that I wanted to prolong the session – after all, it was a rarity to have such delicious time with myself – and so I would pull back from climax for as long as I could. The clothespins on my breasts were starting to become rather uncomfortable. So, proud of how many I could take and how long I was able to keep them on, I braced myself for the inevitable “ow” moment  as I removed them. Red pinch marks covered my breasts and I rolled and pinched my nipples between my fingers to divert attention away from the sting, which served to excite me even more.

Over the previous months, I’d grown to love the stinging sensation from spanking and wanted to feel that sharpness and heat on my pussy. I drew the glass out of me and my clit ached for attention. Reaching for the bamboo back scratcher and, with knees held wide, I  lightly tapped between my legs with its flat back  in a cropping motion. Mmmm. Again, with a little more force and a flick in my wrist. This time a moan. I started thwacking my pussy and inner thighs over and over again, my heart pounding, breathing becoming more rapid as I tried not to squirm in my seat. The sensation was amazing and once again, I felt myself rising to orgasm.

Easing off again, my wicked mind craved more new experiences before allowing myself release. My pussy was wet, tingling and pulsing from the cropping and still, with my ankles held apart, felt so open and exposed. Noting that my tolerance for pain was high at that moment (I still maintain that I am not a pain slut) I reached for the clothespins again. This time, I placed 4 on each side of my labia and one on my clitoral hood. To my surprise, it felt oddly comfortable, the pressure and faint pinch pleasing, the weight and pulling sending tingling sensations up and down my pussy.

The way the pins were arranged allowed me to still run my fingers over my inner folds and rub the underside of my clit. As I slowly fingered myself back to heightened arousal, the ends of the clothespins clicked against each other, the one on my hood providing extra pleasure as the fastener knocked against my the top of my clit.

It was time to finish with gusto. I grabbed the slender metal vibe, applied a dollop of lube to the tip, stood, inserted it into my ass and turned it on to the medium setting. Sitting back down, the vibrations set my body alight, producing a deep gutteral resonance. I grabbed the nubby glass dildo again, slid the cockring off, and leaning back glided it into my needy pussy. Its glass base tapped the clothespins with each thrust. I angled it upwards so the bumps would add maximum pleasure to my G-spot and soon I was moaning loudly, gyrating on the vibe in my ass and rubbing my clit with my other hand. Not able to hold back any longer, I cried out loudly as my ogasm hit me with incredible force. My body tensed as I gushed and shook with wave after wave of pleasure, eyes rolled back in my head, ankles straining for freedom, spreader bar crashing against the hardwood floor.

As I came back to earth, I removed the glass dildo, the vibrator and the clothespins. Bending over in my chair, still trembling with aftershocks, I finally released my ankles from their restraints and was able to close my knees again. I sighed deeply and contentedly, gazing around at the toys of my pleasure knowing that this time of self-exploration was special. What I learned about my body, my tolerances and my pleasure dispelled fears and gave me the confidence to know what I will want to try again. I will be more prepared, eager and willing to continue to push the boundaries with my husband. Solo is good, but two is better.

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27 05 2009

It took me a while to ask to be spanked, and I instantly loved it. Not being a pain slut, I wasn’t quite sure where this yearning came from, but in the spirit of experimentation, I went with it. The first spanking had me writhing with pleasure. Since then, his technique has improved along with my pain tolerance.

Now, his spankings are a thing to be savored. I love the feel of his bare hand coming down on my ass with a whack! and the smooth caresses that he interjects. His game is to keep me guessing, varying intensities and occasionally faking me out, to catch me off guard. The sting and heat he imparts makes me want to give myself over completely, trembling and wet, begging for his touch.


HNT #7

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At Your Service

30 04 2009

I stand before you devoted to being in your service. The simplest of words, the slightest touch and I melt, wanting nothing more than to give you pleasure. I am commanded by your lust and I know you will not abuse it.

It is a symbiosis. Your pleasure comes from my arousal. If I am happy serving you, then you are pleased. If I am joyous at worshiping your cock, then you are doubly pleased. You spank me to hear my pleasure moans, but never in anger.  You use my body to your satisfaction, knowing that I love to be your toy. I know that my best efforts are always rewarded. I am happily at your service.


HNT #6

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