Brilliant Animated Ad

9 02 2010

If you have 90 seconds, I urge you to watch this highly entertaining new ad. – The new video done by AIDES France is a creative short about a girl and restroom graffities. All video credits and sincere thanks to TBWA France and

Erotic Touch Brings Electronic Tattoos to Life

29 11 2009

I love tattoos. I got my first tattoo long before they became fashionable. back when it was rare for women to have them and they were still the marking of a bad ass punk. I wore it proudly.

A lover from long ago had multiple tattoos and I always loved running my fingertips over them, tracing their lines, asking their stories, seeing how their colors changed when wet.

Tonight I saw something that BLEW MY MIND. (hat tip @keyholesessions)

Electronic tattoos, right out of the future, under development by megacorp Philips at the University of Pennsylvania. These are silicon and silk implantable devices that sit under the skin and are already being tested on mice. Eventually the silk dissolves away into the body leaving only the electronics in place. Picture a tattoo that is made of LEDs the size of a grain of rice.

In one concept being explored, the electronics will take their energy from touch and the patterns navigated by desire. When you draw your hands over a body, the tattooed image appears on the skin trailing after your touch. The pattern moves and shifts and intensifies as skin responds to touch.

To see a video demonstrating the concept, check out this post. (Try to ignore the rather disturbing imposed sound effect of crackling and sizzling as the tattoo surfaces.)

Imagine how it would encourage erotic touch. You would see a play of design surfacing after your fingertips, revealing itself an inch at a time, like a secret message being decoded, revealing the mystery of your partner’s skin.

What patterns would you display? Would they be placed to lead your lover’s touch to your most sensitive areas, like a treasure map? Would they tell a story of love, lust or betrayal?

On one hand I find the concept quite frightening, in a dystopian Blade Runner kind of way. On the other, I would love to run my hands over my lover’s body to have it reveal its code to me as our lust increased. That would be incredibly sexy.

What do you think?

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2009

8 11 2009

Wow! Color me shocked and humbled. I’ve landed on the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2009 list.

This is the second year that Rori has compiled the list, in her words, “to recognize the people who are courageous enough to put their lives or fantasies or opinions (or all three and more) out there to entertain and inspire the rest of us.”

The judges who helped Rori were:

Thank you all very much for including me on this list. I am thrilled to be included in such an amazing group of bloggers, many of whom I’ve gotten to know over the last year and am proud to call friends.

Now’s your chance to check out these fine blogs. Be sure to check the whole post and comments over at Rori’s.

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  100. YOU! As always that last person on the list is you. Please, please, please leave a comment below promoting your own blog (or the blog of someone you love). Links are welcome, as long as they lead us to a sex-related blog, not a retail website or porn aggregation site.

Sadly, one of my very favorite blogs didn’t make the list (it must have been an oversight). Please, I encourage you to check out 13 Messages featuring great erotic photography and honest words from a kind, creative and sexy man. You won’t regret it.

Behind the Raven

19 08 2009


I’ve been considering adding a raven tattoo to my body. Tonight, on a random search for raven tattoo images on Google, I happened upon a tattoo site that summed up the raven’s mythology and meaning in many different cultures. I was thrilled to feel such an affinity towards this creature, having it’s meanings blend so well with my own persona. I’m convinced now. I am marked by the raven, whether inked or not.

Here is the passage:

Raven Tattoo Designs – For many of the indigenous people of the Americas, the raven is a powerful animal totem, a protector and spirit guide. He’s a shape-shifter and messenger and a symbol of transformation. Its coal black plumage invokes the void, secrecy, and mystery. But the raven is also a solar symbol. The mythical raven brought the Sun to mankind, and in so doing became a symbol of light. From the earliest times, raven myths tell of its intelligence and concern for humans.

Raven also provided the Moon and Stars for his people, and Fresh Water and Fire. He did this by stealing them from their guardian, Gray Eagle. Once white-feathered, the raven’s snowy plumage was blackened by the smoke from the Fire as he carried the precious load in his beak.

The raven’s intelligence has made it one of the most admired birds wherever it lives. The ancient Norse god, Odin, is described as having two ravens for eyes and ears — the one a symbol of thought, the other of memory. For the Irish, the raven was associated with warfare. In the mythology surrounding King Arthur, one of his knights had an army of ravens.

As a powerful spirit guide, the raven is the keeper of secrets. It is associated with the shadowy world of spells and magic. In Europe, the raven was a favourite symbol for doom and death. An old English tradition says that if the ravens fly away from the Tower of London, the nation will fall. However, the French anthropologist, Claude Lévi- Strauss, suggests that the raven was a mediator between life and death.

For fans of the horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe, raven tattoos are popular. Black feathers and the fathomless look of the raven symbolize mystery, the occult and dark secrets. But far from being miserly, the raven will share its knowledge with those who respect the wisdom of the ancient world. Healing, wisdom, gratitude and affection are all associated with the well-loved raven.

The Haida, an indigenous nation on Canada’s west coast, attribute the creation of humans to a raven intervention. According to legend, raven spotted some creatures trapped in a clam. Quickly bored with this all-male club, he coaxed the timid beings from their shells and introduced them to another set of creatures – females – similarly ensconced in another marine mollusk. By setting the stage for the male and female of the species to come together, the raven acquired his reputation as a trickster. His song is believed to vibrate with temptation, especially the sexual kind.

The raven has an uncanny ability to mimic the sounds of other animals and humans, and its unique pitch is believed to shift consciousness to another level. A symbol of change and of knowledge, this animal spirit guide is often associated with teachers and those with a love of knowledge.

TMI Tuesday #190

9 06 2009

I enjoy reading other people’s TMI Tuesday entries, so I thought I’d post one myself this week.

Have you ever…

1. had sex with someone ten years older or younger than you?
My husband is not quite 10 years younger than me, but close.

2. drawn from a nude model or been a nude model?
I’ve had someone draw ON me while I was nude and I loved the sensation.

3. had sex at a company Christmas party?
Nope. The closest I came was making out wildly with someone after an office Christmas party. It was also my last day at work and so I had no repercussions to face  the next day. He was delicious. *sigh

4. had a blind date?
Never. I didn’t really do “dates.”

5. slept with a teacher?
A school teacher? No. I was never attracted to older men in that way. Though, I’ve been with some fine men who have  taught me lots!

Bonus (as in optional): had sex with someone within an hour of meeting them?
An hour? No. Five? Yes! What can I say, when the chemistry is there, I can’t deny it. My husband wins that honor too. 🙂