I will always be truthful in my opinions, regardless of how I came to own a product.

On occasion, I review products on behalf of manufacturers or retailers. They provide me products at no charge in exchange for an review which may include links  back to their site. My acceptance of this free product in no way influences the honesty or integrity of my review. I will always mention who sponsored the product at in my review.

Other times I may review products that I have won in a contest. Usually, these reviews are done voluntarily and I am in no way obligated to write them. If a review is a requirement of the contest I will say so in the post. However, I will only ever write my honest impression of the product in the review.

Lastly, I may review products that I have purchased myself. I’ll say so in the post, and like the other occasions mentioned above, I will always be honest and transparent in my reviews.


You’ll see banners in my sidebar and links below for companies where I am affiliate. They are:

I receive commissions on purchases you make when you click through to these sites from my blog. I may also receive commissions as a result of you simply clicking on the link and visiting that web site.

Likewise,  where available, I will post a code in my sidebar that will provide a discount on purchases for a particular affiliate. You are free to use this discount code to save money. And, yes, I will make a small commission on it. I see it as a win-win.

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Happy shopping!


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