Congratulations Pleasurists!

4 11 2010

I’ve been a big fan of Pleasurists – the weekly round up of adult products and sex toy reviews – since it launched and am amazed that it is celebrating it’s 100th edition. When I am short on time, which I has been a lot lately, Pleasurists is on the top of my reading list to see what’s new.

Scarlet Lotus has done an expert job of corralling wild cats every week to provide a veritable compendium of opinion on the latest, but not always greatest, sex toys. I’m pleased to have had my reviews of Sinvention’s sinfully soft leather collar and cuffs and LELO INA featured as editors picks in the past. (You should go check them out.)

To celebrate their 100th edition, Pleasurists has wonderful selection of toys available to be won. You can win more than one thing, so, I’m entering to win a Crystal Delights Plug (Blue) from Virtually Adult because, lately, I am adoring plugs. I’m also entering to win a Fleshlight of my choice from PinkCherry because I’d like to give my man something new to try.

Now you should enter too. Here’s the scoop:


  • In order to count all entries must be made by November 17th @ 11:59pm Pacific Time.
  • Winners will be picked through random number generator which means it’s possible to win more than one item. The more ways you enter the better your chances are.
  • All winners must write a review of the product you win. Please do not let this stop you from entering, if you do not have a blog suitable for this I will happily host your review on my review blog.


Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

On to the products…



Anal Toys

Toys for Cocks

Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.


Adult Books/Games

Adult DVDs & Porn

Sex Furniture


Pleasurists adult product review round-up


For the Ladies Giveaway: Tantus Echo

23 03 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to spend time here on my blog and visiting my friends’ blogs too. Life in Vanillaville gets busy and poor Raven has to take a back seat (though she doesn’t do so happily, feisty bugger!) So, I’ve dusted myself off, marked the 2000 items in my Google Readers as “read”, poked my head into Twitter and some other networks to let people know I’m still around, and took a quick perusal through this week’s Pleasurists to see what was new on the toy front. Ah, the contests. How I do love  a good sex toy contest.

What I don’t love, however, is the SexToysForLadies site. It just does not work for me. It hangs. And hangs. And refuses to load. And sometimes partially loads. And then changes it’s mind and has a nice long nap until my browser announces that it’s timed out. I’ve tried on Firefox. I’ve tried on Chrome. I’ve tried on Safari. This site has been like this since I entered the first contest I saw from them a year ago. I’ve told the fine people there, and they can’t recreate the problem so, they can’t fix something that isn’t a problem for them. It’s painful and it’s frustrating. And it makes me loathe going to their site.

So, it is a testament to the quality of the prize that I should want to enter the For The Ladies Giveaway to win a Tantus Echo.

It’s beautiful. And I want one.

I want one in me. Over and over and over again. In all it’s shiny, ridgy, purple glory.

I want to do unspeakable things with it as it wrenches orgasm after orgasm from my body.

Maybe then, when I’m shuddering and limp from satisfaction, I’ll glance over at my computer to see that the site has finally loaded. That’s right – the power of the O may just be able to heal the internet.

Epiphora Gives Me Wood

6 01 2010

Oh, baby! I *hope* she gives me wood. That is, her favorite butt plug made of wood, the NobEssence Romp. To celebrate the new year and the start of a new decade, is giving one away.

It is a thing of stiff beauty, with a generous curve and a silky smooth texture. Yes, I want this in my ass. And, I think you’d probably like it in your ass too, right? Then get on over to HeyEpiphora and find out how. Maybe she’ll give you wood too.

I Really Want Steel

21 11 2009

Yes, I lust after njoy products. They inspire an immediate physical reaction in my nethers. Oh, how I would love the feel of the cold metal sliding into me until the friction and body heat turned it warm. The smoothness, the weight, the beauty of njoy’s designs make me swoon.

And so, I’m driven to enter the Eden Cafe contest to win some gorgeous insertable steel from njoy. Eden Cafe is the community blog of Eden Fantasys, one of the best toy sellers I’ve seen online. You can enter too by putting a banner in your sidebar. But better do it fast; the contest closes tomorrow.


Bad Bad Girl Has Gone Contest Crazy!

24 08 2009

If you follow Bad Bad Girl’s blog or her Twitter, then you’ll know she’s gone crazy with contests this month. Well, two contests, to be exact. You see, it’s her 3rd blogging anniversary, so she’s pulling out all the stops for her readers. She is one of the sex bloggers who inspired me to start a blog. And so, to her, I say thank you for your kinky goodness!

After her daily pleas to enter, I’ve finally found made the time to do so. But, really, she’s got some awesome prizes to give away. And since I recently won Mina and Sylvanus‘ contest, maybe I’m on a winning streak and should try for this one too?


a.k.a. The Big Bad Anniversary Contest-Drawings


How to get an entry (you can do both):

1. Post the details of the contest on your blog, saying something wonderful about me along with the list/links of prizes up for grabs.  You will need this paragraph (from ‘Drawings’ to the last prize).  (you must leave me a comment here so I know you did it)

2. Email me a picture wishing me a happy blog anniversary I will post it on my anniversary.  badbadgirlx (at) gmail (dot) com  (Nudity is greatly appreciated)

See, I’m easy.  (As if you didn’t know!!)  I MAY add a third way half way thru, stay tuned for that!

Here’s the things up for grabs and the fantastic vendors who are supplying some of the best, coolest and my favorite items.

Eden FantasysBandito, 1 oz Eros Light Love Lube, Cock and Ball Rings

My photo has been emailed! Thank you for being a great sex-blogging inspiration.


Grand Fucking Prize.

Here’s what you do:

Last month I set up a wishlist over at the and I posted it on this site.  That’s what you need to do.

1. Write a blog post about my contest with a link to this post.  (This is done if/when you post for the Drawings)  Yes, you gotta have a blog!  Protected blogs (including Facebook and myspace) will be excluded.

My suggestion is that you do a post which includes all the prizes in the Grand Fucking Prize to encourage more people to enter to get the prize bigger!

2. Go to and set up a wishlist.

a. Sign in/ Create an account.

b. Click around to all the things you want and add them to your wishlist.

look for this —> Add to wishlist

3. Write a second blog post talking about your wishlist over at eXtremeRestraints with a link.  Share it with your friends, maybe someone will buy you a gift!!!

4. Leave me a comment here with the link to your post about your wishlist.

For every wishlist, the prize gets bigger.  For example, if 38 people create a wishlist, then the prize is everything on this list up to the Trinity Pocket Rocket.  So you want to do this on your blog, and you want your friends to do this on thier blogs.  Did you see what is on the list for the 100th signup??  Yeah- a fucking machine!!

Don’t worry, if you just have no place to store the fucking machine, I’ll be HAPPY to take it off your hands.

Here’s what you can win as the entries increase:

Sign-ups Item Retail


Electrogasm $45.00


Ratan Cane $11.50


Trinity Silicone Butt Plug Kit $38.00


Trinity Pink Waterproof Rabbit $18.95


Orgasmic Vibrating Cock Ring $8.00


Luv Balls $26.00


The Sunset Plug $17.99


Strict Leather Flogger $165.00


Clit Enhance Pump Kit $114.00


Vibrating Silver Bullet $8.50


Vibrating Remote Control 7 speed egg $47.95


Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure $16.50


Strict Leather Locking Thigh Cuffs $76.00


Trinity 7 Speed Vibrating Silicon Butt Plug $28.95


Delux Digital Power Box $130.00


Trinity Pocket Rocket Massager $14.00


Trinity Heart Throb Glass Dildo $28.00


The Love Pacifier $14.99


Strict Leather 4 Foot Leash $18.00


Vibrating Lipstick $26.00


Hitachi Magic Wand $49.95


Ball Gag Training System $15.00


Trinity Rosebud G Vibrator $22.50


Strict Leather Punishment Strap $37.50


Bondage Tape $7.95


Strict Leather Studded Paddle $48.00


Clit Clamp with Bell $10.00


Strict Leather Low Rise Leather Collar $48.00


The Love Seat $99.95


Premium Bondage Rope Nylon 10ft $12.00


Wartenburg Wheel $9.50


The Anal Hook $78.95


Tower of Pain $88.00


Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt $78.00


The Curvy Steel Dildo $95.00


The Power Box Fucking Machine $449.00

I know, I was pretty floored by this awesome prize too!  The whole prize package is worth around $2000!!!

So write it, click it, do it!!  Encourage your friends to do it.  I would LOVE for someone to win all this stuff.  eXtremeRestraints ships worldwide, in case you were wondering so do it.  I will announce the winner on September 13th.

Good luck.  Happy wishing!!

And there you have it! Simple. I had fun going through the eXtreme Restraints site and selecting the items for my wish list. So many delectable kinky things to be had! It made me realize that I need a sex toy budget. Or some really good friends 😉


Give Me Fever Contest

10 05 2009

In my ongoing quest to add new toys to my meager collection, I’m entering another contest by (they seem to offer more contests than most.)

  • What I’m really interested in is the Festish Fantasies package: sex swing, bed restrains and the Tantus Ryder all have the makings of a wickedly good time.
  • Though, I’m sure that I could be inventive with the Rock Chick and the Don Wand Plug from the Couples Fun pirze pack.
  • Still, I can’t ever see spending $100 for a “Clit Caresser” which essentially is ornate jewelery for your clit. I mean, if I won it, sure, I’d give it a try, but forgive me if I’m skeptical about the results.

Want to try your luck too? Here’s how:’s “Give me Fever”— Sex Toys Giveaway Contest!

Spring is finally upon us, the time when lovers get frisky and people’s minds turn to sex! To help get you motivated and to celebrate May as Masturbation Month, is partnering with the for the “Give me Fever”— Sex Toys Giveaway Contest with $500 in prize package swag giveaways!

The Prize Packages!

1st Prize- Fetish Fantasies- Value $220

2nd Prize- Sexy Girl Bling- Value $145

3rd Prize- Couples Fun- $110

The Rules!

  • You must 18+ to enter.
  • You must be willing to provide your mailing address if you win so can send you your sexy swag prizes.
  • To enter simply repost this contest (complete guidelines) any time between May 1st and May 25th on your blog or a forum or elsewhere where you have permission (no spamming and post cannot be in comments sections of blogs) and email submission AT with a link to the repost.
  • If you have a preference for which prize you would like to be sent feel free to include that with your post or in the email with your repost link, we will take it into consideration when choosing the winners (though there’s no guarantee). Listing First, Second, and Third choice of prize package would be helpful!
  • Submissions must be posted on or between May 1st and May 30th to qualify
  • You must email your submission to submission AT by May 30th at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Winners will be chosen by random number generator, numbered by the order in which the emails are received. Each winner will be given their first choice prize if possible, or second or third if not. Winners will be announced on May 31st!

That’s it! Get to re-posting!