Love LELO? Yes Siri!

3 05 2011

I’m a sucker for quality toys. And LELO is one of my favorite toy manufacturers. I love the form and function on their products. From the tops of their little silicone heads to the bottoms of their charging ports and all the bits in between, LELO has raised the bar for sex toys. I’m convinced that without their contribution to elegant packaging (Yay! No naked women and blister packs!) to their shapes and colors (see the imitators), there would not be such a flurry of body safe, rechargeable toys entering the market now.

My LELO toys currently includes: Gigi, Ella, Billy, Bo, Ina and Soraya (ridiculously overdue review is coming). But there’s one thing missing from my LELO collection that I’ve been wanting for some time: A clit vibrator. I’ve long been intrigued by the older models Nea and Lily, and the new Alia from their new waterproof Insignia is getting lots of attention these days.

But what about Siri? It was released last year in the same ABS plastic and silicone design as Mona and Ina and claims to have more power that it’s older sisters. I would so love to find out!

Now’s my chance to have one, and yours too. Eden Fantasys is giving away two LELO Siris in their weekly contest. Head over to Eden Café and enter to win before the contest closes this Sunday, May 8th, which happens to also be Mother’s Day. What a lovely gift that would be 😉

Actually, thinking of it, that’s probably an awkward Mother’s Day gift for most people. “Here Mom. I got you a clit vibrator for Mother’s Day. Enjoy!”


OK, forget the gift. Just keep it for yourself!

Don’t want to leave getting a LELO Siri to chance?

Use code E4X at checkout to receive 15% off your Eden Fantasys order.


Little Chroma & Billy: EF Giveaway

1 02 2010

Eden Fantasys is having a fantastic contest for Valentine’s Day. They’re giving away two amazing luxury toys that would be perfect in any couple’s toy box. The JimmyJane Little Chroma is sleek, sexy and chic. The LELO BILLY is a luxury gentleman’s massager.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with what you are planning for Valentine’s Day, or recounting a memory from past celebrations of love.

I thought I’d share mine here too:

I think that giving Gethin a LELO BILLY would be far superior to the year that I gave him a paper shredder for Valentine’s Day. Don’t ask. I have no idea what I was thinking. *shakes head* See, this is what happens when you have a young child at home. You lose your mind and all perspective on the sexy.

Fortunately, I’ve regained my senses since I pulled the equivalent of giving a woman a mop for Valentine’s day. And we laugh over it – every time we use the paper shredder. Laughter is just one way we’ve kept our love strong over the years. That, and continuing to try new things and have new experiences.

In that spirit, I’m sure that having BILLY around this Valentine’s Day would inspire a new experience or two. 😉 But even more, I see BILLY and Little Chroma as gender neutral, so talk about doubling our fun! And I know that no matter what happens when we try something new – good or bad – we’ll collapse in a heap of giggles afterward and laugh about the results. No doubt Gethin will make some joke about how it compares to the year I got him a paper shredder for Valentine’s Day. And we’ll fall in love all over again to the sound of a buzzing appliance.

The contest runs from February 1st to 7th. Or, you could cut to the chase and buy them from Eden Fantasys for delivery before Valentine’s Day.