200 Reviews to Celebrate

4 12 2011

I’ve been away a very long time. Not because I’ve abandoned this blog or a certain lifestyle, but because VanillaVille became so very busy that I barely have any time to indulge in this world. And when I do, I’d rather spend it making memories rather than writing about them. I know lots of you are in the same boat.

For some time I’ve said that I aspire to review more often. It’s not for a lack of things to review, but time. What I’m really impressed with, though, is Lucid Obsession‘s milestone of 200 reviews! That is dedication. That is commitment. That is a lot of sex toys!

To celebrate, she’s doing a Mega Giveaway and offering 26 prizes from a ton of great sponsors. You should go on over there and enter. For my part, I’m really hoping to score one of these pleasure filled items:

I salute Lucid Obsession’s accomplishment and wish her many more happy endings 😉